“It comes down to what you read and then how you study that.”

What is Silver Cords?

Silver Cords is a collection of studies, from multiple individuals who use a specific studying method. Why do we all have one bible, but come to different conclusions? We believe it comes down to what you read and how you study what you read. If we all study using the same method, we will come to the same truth no matter which translation you read.

What Silver Cords is NOT!

Silver Cords is NOT a list of teachings. We don’t believe in teaching others to believe what we do. We don’t believe in conformity and one mindset. We are not responsible for your salvation. The moment we rely on others for our believes, we subject ourselves to their understanding. Each of us have to search diligently in order to find the truth. We merely strive to point you in the right direction.

So how does this study method work?

Step 1

Get a thick book to write in, a pencil, an eraser and a bible.

Step 2

Write down 3 topics you have wondered about, or do not quite understand as a heading, each on a new page. It is not recommended to focus on more than 3 topics at a time, as you might miss key references.

Step 3

Start reading, and each time you get to a point where that topic is addressed, write down the book, chapter and verse on the page for that topic. You may also write down the passage or a short summary of that passage without adding your own ideas to the text. As you read, you might get interested in other topics as well. Just write them down, but don’t focus on them yet.

Step 4

Write down the key words that keep appearing in the verses related to your topics, on the page next to it. Use a Strongs concordance to learn what the Hebrew and Greeks words are for these keywords and what they meant to each respective culture.

Step 5

Keep on reading and feel free to go through your notes to recap, but do NOT jump to any conclusions yet. Sometimes a topic makes a few turns along the way.

Step 6

If you read the apocryphal books as well, you may add their references as well to see if they are consistent with the bible. Once you are done, read through all your reference notes again and write a summary page about your topic. It’s important to only write the summary once you have read through the entire bible and apocryphal books (if you read them).